Guide On How To Find And Mine Eggs In Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic

Developer Ghost Ship Games and Publisher Coffee Stain Publishing have released their latest game titled Deep Rock Galactic. it is a 1-4 players Co-op where players work as a team to explore, dig, and mine a cave to get valuable resources but they also have to fight deadly alien monsters.

In the game, players get a mission where they have to search and mine Eggs from the cavern and bring it back safely. finding this egg can sometimes get difficult but don’t worry below is a guide on how to get them easily.

How To Find And Mine Eggs In Deep Rock Galactic

Now there are two types of egg you will find in the game. The First type of eggs are the ones which can be found laying on the ground and are pretty easy to get but these types are also rare to find.

The second Type of eggs are the ones that are buried underground, in walls and ceiling of the cavern. these types are tricky to get to but not difficult. below you will find how to find and mine the hidden eggs.

While searching for them keep an eye everywhere for a cluster of the red spots, if you find one get near it and observe it for a red pulse or a red glow coming from it. to get a better view turn your flashlight off if there is no glow move on.

Once you find a red spot with glow start mining it, the direction of digging should always be towards the place where the glow is the brightest. this way you can easily get the egg.

Tip: Sometimes the red glow is not visible even with flashlights off, so dig the red spot a little bit and if you still don’t see a glow, then the egg is not there.


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