Guide On How To Easily Find And Mine Gems In Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic

Developer Ghost Ship Games and Publisher Coffee Stain Publishing have released their latest game titled Deep Rock Galactic. it is a 1-4 players Co-op where players work as a team to explore, dig, and mine a cave to get valuable resources but they also have to fight deadly alien monsters.

In the game, players get a mission where they have to search and mine Gems from the cavern and bring it back safely. finding these Gems can sometimes get difficult but don’t worry below is a guide on how to get them easily.

How To Find And Mine Gems In Deep Rock Galactic

First look for the green colored stones all around the caves with your flashlight.

Once you have located it test them if there are gems or are just a look-alike crystal, to test it turn off your flashlight if the stone glows it is a gem and if it doesn’t then it an ordinary crystal and has no use.

Now mine or dig directly into the wall from where the glow is coming out, keep digging it until you reach it and be sure to keep the flashlight off, it will help to see the gem more clearly.

Once you get to the Gem it would automatically fall from the wall and now you just have to pick it up. but once you pick it up do not switch your weapons otherwise it would fall from your hand and you won’t even realize it.

Now return to the end of the cave and deposit the gem into the machine, once you finish the mission you will get your own Gem.

Deep Rock Galactic is currently available on PC and Xbox. for information about the game, you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

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