Guide On How To Find And Survive Salt Mines In Them’s Fightin Herds

Them's Fightin Herds

Developer Mane6, Inc. and Publisher Humble Bundle recently released their new latest game titled Them’s Fightin Herds. it is a 2D fighting game featuring a line up of 4-legged combatants with cute cuddly faces but with deadly powers.

In the game, players can access salt mines which contains plenty of beasts, chest and other rewards. below you will find a guide on how to find the salt mines, tips, and tricks to defeat the enemies and more.

How To Find Salt Mines In Them’s Fightin Herds

To find the salt mines go towards the western side of the lobby in the game. there you will find a waterfall and rainbow, walk behind the waterfall and press up, this way you can enter the salt mines. depending on the level and the condition of the salt mines it may or may not cost a salt fee to enter the mine.

The higher the level of the salt mine the more it may cost to enter and it will also spawn more difficult enemies.

How To Survive The Salt Mines In Them’s Fightin Herds

Once you have entered the mines many enemies known as Shadow creatures will spawn and attack you, the enemies are pretty tough so be prepared for it. there are two types of predator that you will encounter in the mines the predators and the ungulates.

The predators are the same creatures from arcade mode and the ungulates are basically the playable character type creatures. the arcade predators take more damage than the ungulates and depending on the difficulty and level you can encounter a wolf, viper, panther, and bear.

The ungulates can be really hard to defeat as they will have the same offensive and defensive abilities as the playable character it represents. so be careful will dealing with them.

Tips And Tricks

  • Each salt mine level contains chest in it, opening those chest banishes all the enemies on the tile. use to get out from unwanted fights.
  • The enemies movement speed is same or lower so if you don’t want to fight them just run.
  • If you leave a tile with enemies they get banished after a time but not instantly.
  • All the players start each battle with full super and magic meters.
  • You can get health back by challenging a friend within the mines.

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