Guide On How To Find All Jellyfish In Yumenikki Dream Diary

YumeNikki Dream Diary

Developer KADOKAWA CORPORATION, Active Gaming Media Inc., and Publisher AGM PLAYISM have released their new game YumeNikki Dream Diary. it is indie Psychological Horror game where players play as a little girl exploring a mysterious and horrifying dream.

In the game, players can gather collectible Jelly Fish these creatures do not move and have no effect but when interacted they sway from side to side making chiming sound. below you will find the guide on the location of all the Jelly Fish in the game.

How To Find All Jellyfish In Yumenikki Dream Diary

City – once you reach the door of the city, turn left there you will find one of the Jelly Fish.

Docks – go to the docks doorway from nexus, then turn to left, there you will find a fisherman, use your umbrella to glide past the fisherman as far as you can.

Desert – after trapping the monster in the ghost town of the desert village, search for it in one of the houses and you will find.

Red School – first go to one of the destroyed room of the school. once you get there you will find a chalkboard with a hamsa sign. go to it and use the hand effect and it will give you a purple key. go back to the normal school and unlock the bathroom, inside you will find the Jelly Fish.

The rooftop of Mall – go the mannequin room, then go right into the room full of boxes. double jump over the door to reach a hidden area. it will lead to a room filled with mannequins. get the lamp and just go left until you find a key. return to the entrance of the mall and enter the door next to the entry point, enter the elevator and then use the key on the right door. enter it and then go right again.

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