How To Level Up Weapon And Magic Skills Fast In Secret Of Mana

Secret Of Mana

Developer and Publisher Square Enix have recently released their new game titled Secret Of Mana. it is a singleplayer JRPG game and a remake of the original game with the same title which came out in the year 1993. it features many new contents like a completely new musical score, voiced characters, modern 3D graphics and more.

As mentioned earlier it is an RPG game so you’re throughout the game you can level up the characters weapons skills and magic skills making them more stronger. but leveling them up can be quite tricky but don’t worry below you will find the guide on how to level up faster.

Level Up Weapon And Magic Skills Fast In Secret Of Mana

Weapon Leveling

  • First, note that the character which deals the final killing blow to the enemies get bigger XP and other party members get less XP.
  • So one thing you can do is to let everyone character in the party have their weapon out and while killing the enemies control the character whose weapon has the lowest level and use it to deal the killing blow. this way you can constantly keep leveling up every character’s weapon.
  • The amount of XP you gain from killing enemies depends on your level vs the enemy level. if the enemy has a higher level than you then you will get more XP and if the enemy you kill has a lower XP than you then you get a very small amount of XP.

Magic Leveling

  • At the early level of the game, The Water Palace is the best place to level up the magic skills.
  • If your character’s weapon is out you get full XP for the magic use but if you don’t have the weapons out you will only get half the XP.
  • If you have unlocked The Wind Palace then use it instead of The Water Palace as here your party has their weapons out.
  • Whenever you clear a Palace go to the Altar and seal the seeds. everytime you seal a seed you increase your spell by one.
  • To level up Primm and Popoi’s Magic in the Water Palace stand next to Luca, it is the character in the game who refills your magic. now whenever you cast a spell observe carefully wait for your character to complete the hand motion and the Undine will appear. wait for the Undine to disappear and you will see your character returning to an idle state. at that moment you can cast your spell again. if you run out of mana refill it by talking to Luca. Just keep repeating this method and your magic skill will level up faster in Secret Of Mana.

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