How To Get St George (Most OP Gear) In Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Developer and Publisher Warhorse Studios have released their new latest game titled Kingdom Come: Deliverance. it is an action RPG game where players are placed in a medieval age of knights and as the main character, you have to avenge your parents and repel the enemy army.

In the game, you can get different types of armor, weapon, and more to boost your defense and attack in combat. but one combat gear which is the most powerful in the game right now is the St George set. the armor and piece is basically an endgame item but for some reason, you get it at any time in the game. below is the guide on how to get it and use it.

How To Get St George Gear Most Powerful Weapon And Armor In Kingdom Come: Deliverance

To get the full set of St George full combat gear which is basically a powerful weapon and armor. you need to travel to the small town of Neuhof. now from the town travel on to the North East road into the forest, on the left side of the road look for a Bandit camp.

In the camp, you will find a chest, which depending on your luck may be either unlocked or it may be hard pick locked. the chest will contain the St. George Plate Armor and the Sword of St. George.

The sword is extremely powerful and you can one-shot your enemies. the sword has strength 13 requirements. you can easily get them either fighting enemies and bandit in the side quest or main quest.

Another way to get the strength is by fighting Bernard at the Fighting Arena in Rattay. choose the free-form training and just continue hit him until you get the required strength.

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