Guide On How To Get The Harem Ending In Sakura Cupid

Sakura Cupid

Developer and Publisher Winged Cloud have released their new latest game titled Sakura Cupid. it is a visual novel game where players play as Lilim a lazy and careless cupid who has been exiled from heaven for failing to do her job but she is not at all unhappy about it.

In the game, players make their own choice by selecting some specific dialog to interact with other characters. now the end game has a specific achievement titled “Haremly Ever After” to get it you can follow the guide below.

How To Get The Harem Ending In Sakura Cupid

To get the Harem Ending you will only need to complete two specific achievements namely the Three’s a Crowd which can be achieved towards the end at the park and Haremly Ever After which is achieved at ending of the game.

Below is the list of choice you need to make to get the Harem Ending

  • Try and flatter Mitsuki.
  • I don’t believe in monogamy.
  • I wanted to see you Mitsuki.
  • Let Mitsuki share your bed.
  • Nobody else can see you dressed like this but me.
  • Save yourself while you still can.

Serra, Lilim’s childhood friend shortly arrives at the park to take her back to heaven.

  • Yes, you’re super adorable
  • I won’t go down without a fight
  • Try and flatter Serra
  • Warn Serra of the unspeakable horrors of that omelette

A new option “Look around the park together” will pop up at the park choose it and you will have unlocked the Three’s a Crowd achievement.

Then proceed with story and choose the following option

  • Invite Serra into bed with you
  • I want you and Mitsuki to be safe
  • Wait for Serra

The game has almost ended, so just continue the story and soon you get a new gallery picture with Mitsuki, Lilim, and Serra. this will unlock the Haremly Ever After achievement.


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