How To Complete The Pestilence Quest In Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Developer and Publisher Warhorse Studios have released their new latest game titled Kingdom Come: Deliverance. it is an action RPG game where players are placed in a medieval age of knights and as the main character, you have to avenge your parents and repel the enemy army.

In the game, you will encounter a quest named the “Pestilence quest” where an entire village has been infected by an unknown disease and you have to find the cause and cure of it. below is the guide on how to solve the mystery and cure them.

Steps To Complete The Pestilence Quest In Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Before you begin the quest you should at least have the reading skill and alchemy skill unlocked on Henry. it is not necessary to complete the quest but it would make it easier to go through the mission.

Now the answer on how the everyone in the village got sick mysteriously? is the water got poisoned and the civilian consumed it as the water still looked normal.

The disease basically spread across the village after the raid, it first begins on animal and they start dying and when all the animals around the place died it transferred to humans. the disease causes high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, chronic stomach pain and shaking.

Now with a careful reading of all the diseases listed in the Medical Book, you can determine that it is indeed spreading because of poisoned water.

Now How To Brew The Potion For Merhojed Plague

List of ingredients you will need to brew the potion, you can get them from the shops, alchemist, and herbalist.

  • Spirits
  • 2 x Valerian
  • 2 x Wormwood

Steps On How To Brew The Aid Potion

  • First, take the spirit from the left shelf and add it to the cauldron.
  • Then add two handfuls of Valerian in the cauldron.
  • Use the bellow to heat up the cauldron until it starts boiling.
  • Let the potion boil for 3 turns of Sand Timer.
  • When 3 turn of Sand timer is over, let the cauldron cool down.
  • Next, take a handful of Wormwood in a dish and grind it using a Pestle, then add it to the cauldron.
  • Take some cooled potion and put it in the Still heat it up with its mouth on a Phial.

There you have it you have brewed the potion and a message will pop up saying “You have Brewed Aid For Merhojed”.


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