Guide On How To Farm Gold And XP In Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9

Developer and Publisher KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. have released their new latest game titled Dynasty Warriors 9. it will be the ninth iteration of the famous Dynasty Warriors Franchise and will bring all the hack and slash action with the previous 83 characters.

In the latest game players can farm XP to level up their characters or farm gold in the open world to buy in-game weapons, armor and more. below you will find a guide on how to easily farm Gold and XP.

How To Farm Gold In Dynasty Warriors 9

Killing Bandits To Earn Gold And XP – You can kill Bandits groups to gain Gold and XP but to gain even more gold and XP you will have to target the Bandit Leader and Bandit Chiefs as they are a bit stronger than normal Bandits.

There is no fixed location to find them, the bandits travel in groups so you will generally have to search for them. you can begin your mission of hunting the bandits from the east side of Poyang. After killing the bandits gather all the loots and sell them to the traders.

Hunting To Earn Gold And XP – The wildlife in this game is not really strong so you can kill them for some easy gold and XP. the best way to hunt down animals is by using bow and arrow as the animal won’t even react to your attack if you shoot from far enough distance and not trigger it.

Fishing For Gold – Before going fishing get yourself some bait, it would be better if you get the ultimate bait. now go to any water bodies and start fishing. you will gain several items such as circlets, urn, and other rare items.

Some locations which give some pretty expensive items are Gaungling Port, Gaungling Northern Camp, and Luoyang moat area. after getting the items you can sell them to the traders.


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