Guide On How To Brew Saviour Schnapps In Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Developer and Publisher Warhorse Studios have released their new latest game titled Kingdom Come: Deliverance. it is an action RPG game where players are placed in a medieval age of knights and as the main character, you have to avenge your parents and repel the enemy army.

In the game, if you want to manually save the game you will need Saviour Schnapps potion which you can buy from traders, alchemist or just brew it yourself at the Alchemist Station. below is a guide on how to brew the potion so you can save your game whenever you want.

How To Brew Saviour Schnapps In Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Before you begin to make the potion get yourself all the necessary ingredients listed below. these items can be found in shops, herbalist, and alchemist. but if you don’t want to spend money you will have to search for them growing around the village and off-road areas.

Things you will need

  • Alchemy Station
  • 2x Belladonna
  • 1x Nettle
  • You should have also learned how to read books because if you don’t have that skill the books in the station will appear in coded styled.

Steps To Begin Brewing

  • Visit the Alchemy Station and go to the potion section in the book and the first potion will be savior schnapps. read the book and it will have instruction but you can only read it if you have the reading skill unlocked on Henry.
  • Next, Click On Prepare for the first potion, this will add ingredients to the shelf.
  • After exiting the book locate the cauldron and add wine to it from the left shelf.
  • Select the Nettles which are now present on the right shelf and add it in the cauldron.
  • Select the Belladonna from the shelf and put in the mortar in the station. then grind it down using the pestle and add it in a separate dish and not in the cauldron. (Need To Be Down Twice)
  • Use the bellow to heat up the cauldron until it starts boiling.
  • Use the sand timer from the shelf and turn it upside down when the time runs out, turns it upside down again and wait till the timer passes the second time.
  • Then add the Belladonna from the dish and use the sand timer once again.
  • When the time runs out in the sand timer, get the phial and add it to the cauldron.

There you have it you have now created your own Saviour Schnapps.

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