Location Of All 79 Gold Coins And Sword Of Dormin In Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow Of The Colossus

Developer Bluepoint Games and Publisher Sony Entertainment recently released a new Shadow Of The Colossus. it is the remake of the original PlayStation 2 game but with ultra-high definition art assets. the game has been made from the scratch but the gameplay remains the same.

In the game, there is new collectible known as Enlightenment and according to players, there are 79 of them which lead to and secret underground area. below is a guide on the location of all the gold coins and the secret area.

Location Of All 79 Gold Coins And Sword Of Dormin

The mystery of Gold coins or Enlightenment has been solved Thanks To PS4 Trophies and Shadow Of The Colossus community. previously it was revealed that collecting all the 79 Coins unlocks a new secret location at the center of the map which lead to an underground area and at the end of the room there is a black sword named The Sword Of Dormin.

Now as there is no indicator for Gold coins and you literally have to manually search the huge map to collect all of them and searching for all of them will take many many hours.

But don’t worry thanks to PS4 Trophies have released a new video which shows all location of all the 79 coins and the secret underground area. you can visit his channel to watch all the videos related with Enlightenments.

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