How To Find The Downy Crake (Rare Bird) In Monster Hunter World

Downy Crake

Publisher and Developer Capcom recently released their new Monster Hunter game titled Monster Hunter World. it is the sixth installment in the main series of the game and bring tons of new content, gameplay and much more.

Just like the previous monster hunter games, you can gather different types of pets. some of them can be found easily and some are pretty hard to find, in this guide you will find how to capture the Downy Crake one of the rare pets in the game.

How To find Downy Crake In Monster Hunter World

Finding a The Downy crake can be tricky sometimes as the creature is very rare and extremely shy but it is possible to get them if you try hard enough. before you begin your expedition on how to get on these snuggly creatures get yourself a Ghillie Mantle.

Now first visit the Ancient Forest in Area 1 with your Ghilie Mantle on and look for Aptonoth you can recognize it easily as it is a herbivore creature which has spiked tails and curved backs. once you locate the Aptonoth check if the birds are on its back or not.

If you don’t find them in Ancient Forest fast travel to Wildspire Waster Area 1 and look for Apceros who also have spiked tails but with broader back and looks like a giant turtle and look for the birds on their back.

Tips And Trick

  • The event is rare and can take a long time before you find them so you should keep rotating between the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste using fast travel and you will eventually find them.
  • You should use a headphone for this event as the Downy Crake makes a loud chirping noise like baby chicks and it can be heard from pretty far distances.

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