How To Farm Material And Resources Quickly In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

Developer and Publisher Capcom has released a new Monster Hunter game titled Monster Hunter World. the new game comes with lot new awesome content and the best of all good graphics, gameplay, and mechanics.

In the New Monster Hunter World, the maps are massive and gathering resources can sometimes become quite tiresome. below you will find how to gather material, items and other resources faster so you can stock up everything.

How To Farm Material And Resources Quickly In Monster Hunter World

To gather more material and resources easily you can follow 4 methods listed below

Check Out The Investigation Quest And Optional Quest – browse through optional quests and investigation quests which have gold and other rewards. some of them offer a small amount and some of them offer a pretty significant amount of gold as rewards.

Always Check For Daily Voucher When You Login – for daily login into the game Capcom rewards players with a voucher which can be used along with quests to increase the chance of getting common drops and even rare drops.

Get A Bandit Mantle To Increase The Drops Of Material – when you equip a Bandit Mantle and attack monster it drops a lot of trading items which cannot be used in crafting but can be sold to earn a lot of money. you can get this particular mantle by completing the “Redefining The Power Coupleā€ quest.

Guide On How To Get Bandit Mantle

Get A Plunderblade For Palico To Increase The Drops Of Material – when your Palico equips the Plunderblade and attacks monster it drops common and rare trading items and also increases the reward of the quest. the drop rate increase if you keep increasing your Palico’s proficiency.

Guide On How To Get Plunderblade.

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