Guide On How To Get A Plunderblade In Monster Hunter World


Publisher and Developer Capcom recently released their new Monster Hunter game titled Monster Hunter World. it is the sixth installment in the main series of the game and bring tons of new content, gameplay and much more.

In the game you can equip your Palico with different kinds of equipment which can help you during fights, collecting resources and more. below you will find how to get the Plunderblade which is an extremely good equipment for gathering resources.

How To Get A Plunderblade In Monster Hunter World

First, visit the Rotten Vale and talk to the Lynian Researcher, she will talk about an Odogaron who occasionally bring foods in the area. this will activate the quest, now you can just wait near the researcher and an Odogaron will appear with a dead Legiana corpse and if it does not appear search for the Legiana corpse in Area 6/9 or Area 13.

When you can locate the Odogaron you can either kill it or wait for it to leave the area if it does not leave chase it away with away dung bombs. this will spawn the Grimalkyne Plunder near the Legiana corpse. approach it and it will run away. chase it down till Area 15.

In Area 15 drop a raw meat on the ground and hide to draw it out, once he eats the meat it will become your friend and you will get your own Plunderblade.

Now your Palico can use the Plunderblade, whenever it will hit the monster with the item equipped it. the monster will drop many common and rare items.

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