Guide On How To Get The Evasion Mantle In Monster Hunter World

Evasion mantle

Developer and Publisher Capcom has released a new Monster Hunter game titled Monster Hunter World. the new game comes with lot new awesome content and the best of all good graphics, gameplay, and mechanics.

The new monster hunter world comes with a range of mantles each having unique abilities and stats. one of the best mantle end game mantle is the Evasion mantle. below is the guide on how you can get your own in the game.

How To Get The Evasion Mantle In Monster Hunter World

To this particular mantle, you need to first complete the campaign and must have a Hunter Rank 29. this will open up a new quest titled “Beyond the Blasting Scales” in which you will have hunt two tempered Bazelguese and when you complete the quest it will give you access to tier 2 tempered monsters.

Then hunt down five different types of tier 2 tempered monsters you can tell the difference between a tier 2 and tier monster by looking at the Hunter Rank requirement for the quest. if it is HR 13 then it is tier one and if it is HR 30 then it is tier two. remember killing two-tier monsters in a single quest will count as one, so complete five quests.

After hunting five different tier 2 monster quest visit the lady in the armory and she will give you a new quest titled “New World Sky, New World Flower”. in this quest you will hunt a pink Ratheon and an Azure Rathalos in an Arena at the same time. complete it and you get your own Evasion Mantle.

What does the Evasion Mantle – it basically increases gives Hunter’s a 90-second invulnerability window when they dodge any attack. it offers better evasion than an armor set which has max Evade Window. also when you dodge an attack at last moment of an incoming attack the mantle activates and gives you bonus damage.


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