What Is The Sword Of Dormin And How To Get It In Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow Of The Colossus

Developer Bluepoint Games and Publisher Sony Entertainment recently released a new Shadow Of The Colossus. it is the remake of the original PlayStation 2 game but with ultra-high definition art assets. the game has been made from the scratch but the gameplay remains the same.

In the new game, many players have pushed the limit and have literally searched through entire map of the game and have found a new item, a sword which is known as “The Sword Of Dormin. below you learn more about the sword and how to get it.

What Is The Sword Of Dormin and How To Get It In Shadow Of The Colossus

There is a collectible in the game known as Gold coins or Enlightenment, which are scattered all over the map, fans speculated that collecting all the enlightenment would reveal a new colossus 17. till now many players in the game only managed to get around 70 of them and it was not known how many more are there in the game.

Thanks to YouTuber PS4 Trophies who managed to solve the mystery, he suggested that there are 79 Enlightenment as the End credit stated the following “Nomad Colossus and the 79 steps to Enlightenment” and his speculation turned out to be true he along with other people managed to collect 79 of those collectible and with little more mystery solving he managed to get “The Sword Of Dormin.”

What is The Sword Of Dormin – it looks like a basic sword but the blade is black with black aura coming out of it. the description state that it does significant damage but reduces the health regeneration rate.

How To Get it – Well as mentioned you have to collect all 79 coin relics in the game, and unfortunately there is no easy way to get it and also there is no indicator for it. you will literally have to search the whole map for the coins. after collecting all of them go to temple at the center of the map and look for a hidden door which can be opened and it leads to an underground area and in center of the room, you will find the sword. Check out the video at the bottom of the page.

Tips To Find The Coins

  • Most of the coins are located near all Colossus battles.
  • Also, search in places where your horse cannot reach.
  • Whenever you are near a gold coin relics you will hear a tinkling sound.

All the credits for solving this mystery goes to Brian from PS4 Trophies and the Shadow Of The Colossus community. you can check out the video from his channel to locate the coins, below you will find the discovery of the sword at timestamp 23:00.

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