How To Farm Resources Faster With Mixed Sets In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

Publisher and Developer Capcom recently released their new Monster Hunter game titled Monster Hunter World. it is the sixth installment in the main series of the game and bring tons of new content, gameplay and much more.

Just like the previous monster hunter games players need to farm resources to craft new weapons, armor and even earn money. different armor, mantle, and other gears which can significantly increase the number of resources you get while gathering them. below you will find some of the items which can boost the number of resources you get in the base game.

How Farm Resources Faster In Monster Hunter World

First Mixed Set

  • Shamos Googles Alpha
  • Rathian Mail Alpha
  • King Beetle Brachia Beta
  • Hunter’s Coil Beta
  • King Beetle Crura Beta

The above-mixed set gives Botanist Level 4, Geologist Level 3, Entomologist Level 3, Master Gatherer Level 1, Foragers Luck Level 1, Detector Level 1, Master Fisher Level 1 and it also has other stats which are not quite necessary on a resources collecting trip are BBQ Level Master 1 and Recovery Up Level 1.

Second Mix Set

You can also use bone Headgear, leggings and a geology charm 3 this will give you Botanist Level 4, Geologist Level 3, Entomologist Level 3, and Master Gatherer Level 1.

Fishing Tip

You can use the net to catch a large amount of fish in a short time but using a net is also tricky and it is quite easy to miss the net and if you do miss the fishes will get scared and they will run away. so using the rod can be more efficient and a safe way to catch them all.

You can check out a video guide from Youtuber Arekkz Gaming who explains in detail on how to use the first mixed set for gathering resources.

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