Guide On How To Unlock Rocksteady Mantle In Monster Hunter World

Rocksteady Mantle

Publisher and Developer Capcom recently released their new Monster Hunter game titled Monster Hunter World. it is the sixth installment in the main series of the game and bring tons of new content, gameplay and much more.

The new monster hunter world comes with a range of mantles each having unique abilities and stats. one of the best mantle in the game is the Rocksteady mantle. below is the guide on how you can get your own in the game.

How To Unlock Rocksteady Mantle In Monster Hunter World

The Rocksteady Mantle is basically an endgame item and requires pretty high requirement to unlock it. you need to have HR 50 plus meaning you need to complete the basic campaign. after completing the campaign you need to complete two quests HR 29 Beyond The Blasting Scales and HR 49 Thunderous Rumble In The Highlands.

Completing the two quest will unlock a new third tier tempered elder dragons, hunt five of these Elder Dragons and return to Astera and talk to the lady in the Armory. you will now get a new optional 9-star quest titled “Summons From Below”. complete it and you will receive the Rocksteady Mantle.

This mantle is one of the best in the game it reduces the damage you take, you won’t get knocked out by bombs and monsters, reduces effect from strong wind and it also removes reaction from damage.

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