How To Find Low Rank And High Rank Kirin In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

Developer and Publisher Capcom has released a new Monster Hunter game titled Monster Hunter World. it is the sixth iteration in the franchise and comes with tons of new content but the best thing about the new game are the graphics, gameplay and new mechanics.

There are tons of new things to learn in the new Monster Hunter world like how to hunt a particular monster, how to get new gears and much more. but in this guide, you will learn how the find Kirin an Elder Dragon.

How To Find Kirin in Monster Hunter World

Low Rank Kirin – You can find a low-rank Kirin by completing the four quest from Smart Biologist. all the quest from him can be found in the optional quest and each of them has different star levels.

After completing them all visit the impatient Biologist and she will give you quest named “Gone In A Flash” which will allow you to slay a Kirin. but as it is a low-rank you can only make a low-rank armor from it.

High-Rank Kirin – Go to the Coral Highland and find 10-15 traces of “Old Electrified Fur” or “Old Footprints”. once you have enough traces return to the impatient Biologist and she will give you a new quest titled “Lighting Strikes Twice” which will let you hunt a High-rank.

Tempered Kirin – Once you reach level 49 an optional quest will pop up on the board which will let you hunt a tempered Kirin.

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