How To Unlock More Slots At Botanical Research Center In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

Developer and Publisher Capcom latest Monster Hunter game titled Monster Hunter World has brought new game mechanics, monster, gear and above all better graphics and gameplay.

The new game has a lot of things players need to learn like how to fight a particular monster, how to craft items, collect resource and more. but in this guide, you will How to unlock more slots at Botanical Research Center to farm Might Seeds, Mushroom and more.

How To Unlock More Farming Slots In Monster Hunter World

Unlocking Second Slots – You can unlock the second row of farming slots by completing an optional quest titled “Persistent Pest”. to access this particular quest you need to have unlocked the four-star quests. in this mission, you will have to hunt down 14 Hornetaurs which is very easy to complete.

After completing its return to chief in Botanical Research center and it will automatically unlock a second row of farming slots.

Unlocking Third Slots – to unlock the third row of farming slots you need to complete a quest titled “Talons Of Ire And Ice”. it is an optional quest which can only be accessed once you unlock Seven-star quests.

In this quest, you will have to hunt a Legiana and an Odogaron after completing this return to the Botanical chief and you will have obtained the third row at the research center.

You can now use it to farm Might seed and sell them for money or farm other plants to make poison, potions, bombs and more.

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