How To Unlock Secret Characters And Modes In Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Developer Arc System Works and Publisher Bandai Namco have released their latest game Dragon Ball FighterZ. it is a 2.5D fighter game based on the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z and contains many popular characters from the franchise.

The game comes with some locked secret characters, locked game modes and more. below you will find how to find unlock all of them.

Guide On How To Unlock All Secret Characters And Game Modes
  • Android 21 – To Unlock Android 21 complete all the three-story mode available in game
  • Super Saiyan Blue Goku – Collect a total of 500K Zenni or complete the Arcade: Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course Hard Mode with A rank or higher.
  • Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta –  Collect a total of 300K Zenni or complete the Arcade: Extreme Gravity Spaceship Course Hard Mode with A rank or higher.
Hard Mode

Arcade Mode – Complete the regular version of the course; this is true for Snake Way, Extreme Gravity Spaceship, and Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Rank Title
  • Saibamen: 0 – 29.999k
  • Earthling: 30k – 69.999k
  • Namekian: 70k – 119.999k
  • Saiyan: 120k – 169.999k
  • Frieza Clan: 170k – 219.999k
  • Super Saiyan: 220k – 269.999k
  • Android: 270k – 329.999k
  • Super Saiyan: 2 330k – 399.999k
  • Supreme Kai: 400k – 499.999k
  • Demon: 500k – 599.999k
  • Super Saiyan: 3 600k – 699.999k
  • Majin: 700k – 799.999k
  • Super Saiyan God: 800k – 899.999k
  • Super Saiyan Blue: 900k

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