Guide On How To Gather Food And Water Easily In Subnautica


Recently Publisher and Developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment released their latest new game titled Subnautica. it is an adventure survival game where players are placed on an aquatic planet named Aurora and now must learn the ways to survive the dangers.

Now just like most survival game you will need to gather resources to sustain yourself and sometimes getting those resources can get tricky but don’t worry below you will find a guide to get food and water to survive.

How To Get Food In Subnautica

The basic way to get food in the early stage of the game is by gathering acid mushroom you can get it from almost anywhere under the water but while collecting them get it with your own hands and don’t use your knife on them as it will cause it to explode and it will damage you.

You can also catch fishes swimming in the water if you are fast enough to catch them but while catching them make sure to check their stats as some of them may affect you negatively.

You can also make a GravTrap also known as gravity trap which can be crafted with Battery, Copper and Ore Titanium. once you have fabricated your own GravTrap enter the water and find a spot with a lot of fishes throw it near them and it will pull the fishes into it.

Other Tools which you can craft for food are Alien Containment, Propulsion cannon, and Statis Rifle to collect and harvest food.

How To Get Water In Subnautica

To Get proper drinking water you will need to fabricate a knife and to do it collect Titanium and Quartz crystal both of the ingredients can be found at the bottom of the seafloor. once you get a knife cut the coral shell plate this will help in disinfecting the water giving you drinkable water.


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