Guide On How To Earn Zenny Fast In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

Developer And Publisher Capcom have finally released one of the most acclaimed and awaited game Monster Hunter World. it would be the sixth installment in the main series of the Monster Hunter Franchise.

In the game, you can purchase a lot of gears like potions, food, armor, weapons and more. to earn money you can complete mission and hunt monster but there are some ways you can Zenny(money) fast so you can purchase items you want.

How To Earn Zenny Fast In Monster Hunter World

Investigations – These are similar to optional quests and can be accessed from resource center in manage investigations. investigations give players particular tasks like capturing, hunting and more and when completed they give money and other sorts of rewards depending on the types of investigation the reward money can be anywhere from 1000 zenny to 20000 zenny or more.

Bandit Mantle – To get a Bandit Mantle you need to complete an optional quest titled “Redefining The Power Couple” in the particular quest you will need to hunt down a Rathalos and Ratheon. after completing it you need to visit the armory and speak to the lady and she will give you your new item The Bandit Mantle.

So what does a Bandit Mantle do? while equipped when you attack a monster it drops trading items which cannot be used in crafting but it can be sold. one trading items gives almost 1000 zenny. so if you play efficiently with the mantle you can farm a lot of trading items from a single monster.

Might Seed – These are the types of seeds which can be sold in the market one Might Seed can be sold for 140 zenny. one way to get might seed is by collecting them throughout the world or you can cultivate them in the Botanical research center.

To cultivate seed you need to complete one optional quest titled “Persistent Pest” or “Prickly Predicament” completing one of the two quests will unlock cultivation options. you can then use the Botanical research center to cultivate Might seed and sell them for profit.

You can check out the video from Youtuber ArekkZ Gaming who gives a detailed explanation of the topics above

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