7 Beginner’s Guide On How To Hunt Like A Pro In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

Finally, Developer and Publisher Capcom have released one of the most awaited game Monster Hunter World. it would be the sixth main game in the Monster Hunter franchise and just like a previous game would allow Hunters to hunt different kinds of monster.

As a monster hunter, the new game brings a range of new weapons, armor, monster and different difficulties. the game can easily become quite difficult for new players who are playing a Monster Hunter game for the first time, to help out below are the list of things which you can follow to hunt like a pro in the Monster Hunter World.

7 Beginner Tips To Hunt Like A Pro in Monster Hunter World

Loot And Gather Whatever You Find – When you venture out into the world to hunt pick and collect whatever resources you find like different seeds, plant, insect, fish, ores and the main sources gather all the part of the monsters.

The part of monster will help you craft new weapons, armors and other gears. keep in mind that small things like ores, plants etc are sometimes needed to craft new gears so always gather every resource.

Keep Tracks Of Monsters – Scout flies are easily the best method to track down monsters. start by picking up trails of scout flies. as you collect them they will lead you to more scout flies and eventually to the location of the monster itself.

Even if you are not hunting a particular monster still collect the flies as it is the most efficient way to train your scout flies.

Always Choose Your Weapon Carefully – There are many types of weapons in the game different weapons different speed, damage, and range. but remember no weapon is bad it all depends on your playstyle and the type of monster you are facing.

Prepare Yourselves Before A Hunt – Always remember to prepare your character before you venture out for a hunt. the basic thing you should have in your inventory are enough tranquilizer, traps, poison ammo and sleep ammo. to keep up with a monster during a hunt be sure to have enough health, antidote and other attribute boosting potions with you.

Also if you are using melee weapons to fight be sure to keep them sharp and if you are using a range weapon stock up enough herb for it.

Always Eat Before A Hunt – Before going into the World to hunt visit the canteen and feast upon the meals. there will be a variety of choice each meal offers a different kind of boost to strength, speed, stamina and more.

You can also customize a specific meal and get specific stats and boost for your hunter before a hunt.

Be Informed About The Monsters – It is always good to know what you are hunting and you can learn about them through the Hunters note which contains all the details about the monster you have encountered their strength, weakness, and behavior everything can be learned from the hunter notes.

Additionally, you can also visit the Housekeeper and send some Tailraider Safari to collect more information and material.

Learn From Your Deaths – Let’s make one thing clear you will die a lot in this game because every new monster behaves and attacks differently. in most of the cases, a first encounter with different monsters will either get you killed or you will run and try to save your life.

So what to do? when you encounter a monster for the first time try to test out weapons on it and observe how it attacks, moves and behaves. this will give you an idea on how to fight it and will increase your chance of hunting it down.

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