Guide On Seed Locations And How To Find Them In The Wild Eight

The Wild Eight

Developer and Publisher HypeTrain Digital’s game The Wild Eight is an action survival multiplayer game where players find themselves placed in an unforgiving Alaska which is full of danger and mystery. the only way to survive is to hunt and craft to survive the nightmare.

During the progression of the game when you visit the location with a blue exclamation mark or the better known as Home Sweet Home location. you are given a task to find eight different types of seeds which need to be planted in the auto garden.

Some of them are pretty easy to find but finding others can be bit tricky and frankly speaking frustrating. but don’t worry below you will find the location of the all eight seeds in The Wild Eight.

Location Of The Eight Seeds

Tomato Seeds – This seed is located right in the “Home Sweet Home” Location and is the easiest of one to find.

Green Onion Seeds – This seed can be found in the 24hours Vapor Diner. you can recognize it easily as the diner is still mostly undamaged.

Dill Seeds – This seed can be found in the Cafe Vapor Diner. this diner, in particular, is completely damaged.

Carrot Seeds – This seed can be found in the Lost Future where Issac is also present. the seeds are on the table and good thing about this is you can get it without starting a fight with Issac. but you should try to kill him as he has pretty good stuff.

Red Pepper Seeds – This seed can be found in the Treasures of the Food Warehouse. in the warehouse go into the basement you will encounter Mutants and just like the Issac case you avoid fighting them. in the basement turn on the power and then leave the basement safely.

Cucumber Seeds – This seed can be found at the southern end of the map. the seed is basically in a hangar which has a hole in the side. to locate the hangar travel towards south you will see a hangar near a set of electric poles.

Potato Seeds – Just like cucumber seeds the potato seeds is also located in the hangar but in a different one. this hangar has a hole on the top but getting to it can be difficult one easy way to get to it is by using a rollaway bin as a ramp and drop on it through the roof.

Melon Seeds – This seed can be found in the Shadow In The Night sidequest. one quick and easy way to get the seed is by sneaking and powering up all machines and you have to do this before the sunrise.

The Wild Eight is available on PC via steam for more information about the game you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

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