Guide On How To Use Different Units Effectively In They Are Billions

They Are Billions

Developer and Publisher Numantian Games latest new game They Are Billions has surprisingly become quite popular on steam. the game is loved for its increasing difficulty which is not present in a lot of the games today.

The game basically puts players on a post-apocalyptic planet where they have to build colonies to survive against the billions of infected zombies. to defend themselves players can create different types of unit to defend their colonies. but using them effectively can be quite tricky to help get a better understanding below you will the details about different unit and how to use them.

List Of All Combat Units In They Are Billions

Ranger – It is a cheapest and the first unit you get in the game. they are fast and deal decent damage to the infected and are also good in scouting the map. but their biggest problem is that as the game progress they become less and less effective. the ranger cannot deal with massive hordes of the infected and gets killed by them very easily.

The most effective way to use them is by scouting the map in the early game and kill nearby lurking zombies. as the game, progress uses them from inside the protected wall if you want to use them outside the wall make sure to protect them by good positioning and using tankier units like soldiers as a shield for them.

Soldiers – The Soldiers are tanky and pretty powerful when compared to ranger they have double the health, double the attack speed, and better armor. the only disadvantage they have is that they are slower and have a lower range than a ranger. they also cost iron which on higher level and difficulty becomes very limited.

The most effective way to use them is by using them as a frontline as they have better health and armor and keep ranger or sniper behind them. you can use this formation to clear hordes of infected also the shots from soldier attract the infected so that can be quite handy when you are trying to protect other units and they can even deal with harpies and spitters.

Snipers – As the name suggests sniper units have the biggest range in the game and deal huge damage to the infected. but they are really slow and have a low attack speed and also they cost both wood and iron for creating them.

The best way to use them is to shield them from zombies with strong units as frontline. as they have a pretty high range use them to clear doom villages. with snipers you can clear out map pretty easily if you manage to keep them alive. also because of their insane damage, they work quite well behind walls.

Thanatos – The Thanatos is extremely good at clearing large waves of infected as their attack deal a small AOE damage. but they have also a pretty low attack speed, low movement speed and just like soldiers attract zombies toward them. thanatos also require oil which at higher levels is pretty difficult to mine.

The best way to use them is by creating a bunch of them and position them behind a protected wall. they work pretty well against last huge waves on almost all levels.

Lucifers – The Lucifer units just like Thanatos are pretty good at clearing hordes of infected. the unit basically has a flamethrower which deals damage in an AOE. they don’t require much resources and are pretty tough to take down. but its major problem is that it cannot attack from over the wall so you will have to use him outside the colonies another problem with it is that the flames deal damage to nearby friendly units and so it can only work around other lucifer units.

The best way to use it is by creating a bunch of lucifers and station them outside the wall and behind the wall position other units. this way you can deal heavy damage easily and safely.

Titans – This unit is the best in They Are Billions and has everything in it. it has tons of health, plenty of armor, it deals massive damage, has a high range, high attack speed, and deals AOE damage. the only problem you would find with it is the high resources cost but considering the thing it does it totally worth it.

The unit is the best so you can use it whenever you want and however you want.

They Are Billions is currently available on PC via Steam. for more information, you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

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