Guide On How To Find All Travel Location In Okami And Okami HD


Recently Developer and Publisher CAPCOM Co., Ltd. released the HD version of their popular game Okami on PC as Okami HD. it comes with a mythical story where players control the sun god Amaterasu and venture into the journey to defeat to the evil lurking the lands.

Throughout the storyline in Okami, you get access to many travel points but not every location. these locations contain many secrets, lore details, and other useful information. to get to these locations you need to find them by exploring different levels which can be quite troublesome but worry not as below you will find almost all the location in Okami.

The Location Of Tips
  • Travel Tips – This is the first guide/tips you receive on starting the game it is automatically given to you and basically instructs on how to use travel.
  • Greensprout Tips – This tip is located in Hana Valley after you learn the Bloom, you can use it on the cursed path of the ground just before the bridge.
  • Godhood Tips – This tip is located in the Inner Tsuta Ruins, you can find it on the steps leading to the Spider Queen’s room.
  • Ink Bullet Tips –  This tip is located in Agata Forest, you can find it just after crossing the river which is can be found at the Taka Pass.
  • Brush Tips –  This tip is located in Galestorm Shrine, you can find it on the edge of the western path in the windmill all you have to do is rotate the platforms on the windmill.
  • Battle Tips – This tip can be found next to Kiba, the Demon Fang merchant.
  • Feeding Tips – it is Located beside the entrance to Agata Forest in Shinshu Field near a group of boars and boar piglets.
  • Digging Tips – it is located in Hana Valley. Fight the Imps having a feast on the island, there you will see a chest containing this guide.
Other Notable Location Guides

Inferno Tech – it requires you to learn the Fireburst from the Sei’an City’s chef. but to obtain the Fireburst you must first require the Golden Mushroom by returning the Golden Teapot to the Teahouse Owner which is located at the Taka Pass. To complete the task you must “play tag” with the Moles, and win against them.

Galestorm Tech – To obtain it you need to learn Whirlwind and to do so, you will first need to obtain a Marlin Rod and get access to the Orca, this will help you travel to one of the islands in North Ryoshima Coast where you can find a dock. there you can talk with the fisherman and fish a Marlin with them and after catching one take it back to Umi.

Thunderstorm Tech – It only appears after you learn the Thunderbolt. to learn it you will need to defeat the Ninetails and beat Hayate in all 3 races in Shinshu Field. This will give you the Gimmick Gear take it and head to the Sei’an City aristocratic quarters and on its left you will see a tall tower. Climb it with the help of Catwalk and then talk to Gen.

Power Slash 2 – Upgrade the Power Slash into Power Slash 2. first you must explore the islands In one of them you will find a hidden underground spring where you can offer money. select the most expensive option and keep choosing the option until Tachigami appears.

Power Slash 3 – Upgrade Power Slash 2 into Power Slash 3. first visit Ezofuji and climb up towards the Wawku Shrine’s entrance. while climbing keep an eye for a platform with rocks. once you locate it and break it with Power Slash 2 and drop down on it.

Cherry Bomb 2 – Upgrade Cherry Bomb to Cherry Bomb 2. explore the many islands and in one them you will find a hidden underground spring, there you can offer yen. select the most expensive option and keep choosing it until you make Bakugami appear.

Cherry Bomb 3 – Upgrade Cherry Bomb 2 to Cherry Bomb 3. visit the spring located in Kamui and next to it you will find the Guardian Sapling. then use the vine to jump up to the platform and use Cherry Bomb 2 to open up the passage.

Watersprout Tech 1 – You can find it after learning the Whirpool in the Dragon Palace.

Watersprout Tech 2 – You can find it after learning Deluge. to learn it first defeat the Ninetails and go back to the Queen’s Palace and behind it, you will find Himiko’s attendant follow her instruction and complete it Nuregami will appear.

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