Guide On How To Tame A Giant Karkinos In Ark Aberration

Ark Aberration

Recently Publisher and Developer Studio Wildcard released a massive DLC titled Ark Aberration and it comes with plenty of new game mechanics, new creatures, new location, new gears and more. just like the original Ark, there are plenty of new things to learn but in this guide, you will know how to tame a giant Karkinos.

How To Tame Karkinos

The Karkinos is basically a giant crab but unlike other giant creatures in aberration, it cannot be tamed with a tranquilizer to tame it first u need to create a trap to pin it down.

  • First Place a behemoth gate followed by a V-shaped stone wall from the mouth of the behemoth gate. after placing stone walls create a high platform and place a catapult.
  • After setting up the trap lure a Karkinos into it and when it gets stuck in the stone walls close the behemoth gate. now all you need to do is hit him with the catapult but be careful and only damage it on its body because if you hit it on its limbs multiple times then there is a high chance that it will die.
  • After making it weak place feed him some spoiled meat or narcotic food to keep it asleep for sometimes and after a few minutes you will have tamed yourself a Karkinos.

How To Use A Karkinos

  • To ride the giant crab you will need to unlock the Karkinos saddle which can be unlocked at level 65. to manufacture it you will require a necessary amount of fungal wood, fiber, blue gems and hide.
  • The creature can use both his left and right pincher simultaneously to attack a target. it also has a high mobility and can travel long distances and jump on high grounds. they are also immune to radiation so you can use it get yourself some rock drake egg.
  • But one special thing about a Karkinos is that the pincher can grab other creatures and then you can attack it with your weapon. so basically it’s like a walking trap and provides you with a sweat-free way to tame other creatures.

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