Valve Hints A New Hero Named Mars In Dota 2 And Has Reference In Lores

Dota 2

Valve’s popular Esports MOBA game Dota 2 is the second most played game on steam and rivals Riot’s League Of Legends. currently, the game has a massive 118 playable characters or better known as heroes the most recent addition to the game was Dark Willow and Pangolier.

But the most recent update hints that we may receive a new hero named Mars. according to a Reddit post, the update has added two new image files named Mars_Phalanx_Cancel and Mars_Spear both of them have been categorized as spell icons.

Dota 2

More details about the images come from Reddit user Archyes who mentions that both Pangolier and Dark Willow has voice lines which mention two names “Pierpont” and “Mazzie” and both of them have a concept art in Drewwolf’s website.

For people who don’t know about Drewwolf, he works in valve software as an artist who has helped create several heroes of Dota 2.

Pierpoint Reference

  • Pangolier interaction with Crystal Maiden says Pierpont had high hopes for you… oh well.
  • Dark Willow interaction with Crystal Maiden saysYou friends with any Sapphire Archons? I have some, uh, issues that I would love to have smoothed out.

You can check out the voice lines here.

Mazzie Reference

  • Dark Willow Interaction with clockwork says You’re not friends with Mazzie, are you? I hate that little runt.”

You can check out the voice line here.

Now all this information are just a speculation so take all information with a grain of salt and just wait for valve to give related information. but if the speculation is true then most probably we will see the heroes in The International 9 as Valve always reveals new heroes during its biggest event.

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