Guide On How To Get Glider Suit And Hazard Suit In Ark Aberration

Ark Aberration

Publisher and Developer Studio Wildcard’s new expansion the Ark Aberration came with tons of new content for players to explore. you will find new creatures, gears, and craft new items. there are many new things which players must know but in this guide, you will get to learn how to get your own Glider Suit and Hazard Suit.

How To Get A Glider Suit

First thing first if you are new to the game and want to ride on a glider then you will probably have to wait quite a while as the Glider Suit comes from an advanced Engram that becomes available only when you reach level 62.

If you have reached level 62 you can craft a Glider suit to do this you will need Fiber, Hide, metal and Blue gems. if you are unable to farm Blue gems then you can follow the guide on how to get blue gems here.

One thing to know about the suit is it a chest piece and not an armor piece. just like an actual glider, you can only use it from a high ground. the suit is great for mobility and makes it easier to navigate in the forest.

How To Get A Hazard Suit

Just like most suits in Ark Aberration it too requires a high level to unlock. the hazard is an armor piece which is only available at 68. the armor comes in 5 pieces so you will have to craft all of them to complete the suit.

The suit requires Fibre, Crystal, Hide, Polymer, Blue Gems, and Congealed Gas Balls. you can easily get fiber, crystal and hide but getting blue gem is a bit tricky you can learn how to find blue gems here, for polymer you can kill some crab and harvest the organic polymer and keep in a fabricator over time it will turn to polymers.

To get Congealed gas balls you need to make a gas collector you can follow the guide on how to make a gas collector here. you can build one of this equipment and place it on a gas vein and over time it gives you gas balls. now with all the required component, you can craft your own Hazard suit.

The Hazard suit is probably the worst kind of armor it has no poor armor, poor insulation, and worthless in combat. but it is very useful in areas which have heavy radiation so you can basically use to explore the area which you normal cant like while farming Red Gems.

Below is the video guide from Mitt Gaming on How to make Glider suit and Hazard suit. the video is short and gives complete details on how to get them.

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