Guide On How To Get A Gas Collector In Ark Aberration

Ark Aberration

Publisher and Developer Studio Wildcard new expansion Ark Aberration comes with plenty of new contents and with the new DLC comes with more grinding and obviously learning about new creatures, crafting new items and unlocking new gears. there are many new things to know about but in this video, you will learn how to get a gas collector.

How To Get A Gas Collector In Ark Aberration

The gas collector is basically a resource collector for Gas balls it becomes available once you reach level 40. to make a Gas Collector you will need cementing paste, crystal, metal ingots, and red gems. all the components can be pretty easily except for red gems which are easy to find but difficult to farm as it emits a lot of radiation. you can learn how to mine red gems safely here.

Once you have all the components you can go back to your base and manufacture the equipment and there you have it your own Gas collector.

Now to use it you will need to find a gas veins it looks like a small hole with gas coming out of it. after finding one just place the collector on the hole and it would automatically run and produce congealed gas balls which can be used in crafting higher level items like the Hazard Suit.

You can check out the video guide from Mitt Gaming.

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