Guide On How To Find Gems And Oil In Ark Aberration

Ark Aberration

Recently Developer and Publisher Studio Wildcard released a massive new expansion titled Ark Aberration and it comes with tons of new creatures, crafting, and gears. there are many things to learn but in this guide, you will find how to find gems and oil.

How To Find Gems In Ark

In Ark Aberration there are three kinds of gems which you can find Green, Blue, and Red. green being the easiest to farm and red being the hardest. Green gems are easily found on the early levels of the game and can be found easily if you search for it.

Blue Gems are harder to find and are found at very specific places like the blue section of the forest which is located at 36 latitudes and 52 longitudes. they emit no radiation so you can mine it pretty easily.

Red Gems are the trickest gems to farm they are easy to farm but it releases deadly radiation making it impossible to mine without any types of equipment. so to mine it you will need a Hazard suit which can be crafted by making a gas collector.

But if you don’t have a hazard suit or if you can’t craft it as you have no levels and necessary component to craft it. then you will have to follow a RollRat and wait for it to dig the ground once it comes out it drops gems but chances of getting a Red gem is pretty low.

How To Get Oil In Ark

There are four ways by which you can harvest oil the first source of oil can be found at latitude 42 and longitude 63 go inside water and kill trilobite when you kill them you can collect oil from their bodies but be aware of your surrounding cause it very dangerous under water.

The second method is by taming a dung beetle in the blue area of the forest you can tame it by feeding it animal feces. once you tame it take it back to base, feed it and keep it in a confined space where it can roam then return every 15 minutes to collect oil from it.

The third method is very risky you will have to go to the surface but make sure go at night or you will just burn to death. on the surface, you will find rocks with dark oily spots on it you can collect oil from it. but beware at night the surface has plenty of dangerous creatures roaming around and there is a high chance of you getting killed by them.

The last method is also very risky for this you will have to go deep into the Ark Aberration at latitude 51 and longitude 48. there you will find a contains a lot of oil veins but if you want to survive the underground atmosphere you will need a hazmat suit.

You can check out the video guide from Mitt Gaming which is are super short and have plenty of details in it.

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