Super Science Friends: The Video Game Now Up On Kickstarter With Demo

Super Science Friends: The Video Game

Developer Tinman Creative Studios are currently working on their upcoming game titled Super Science Friends: The Video Game. it is a side-scrolling fighting game where players play as the various scientist and inventors of the past to combat the Nazi forces of Hitler.

The game is based on the popular animated YouTube Series Super Science Friends which has been a massive hit. players will be able to play as a 14-year-old clone of Albert Einstein who encounters an unnatural phenomenon in his timeline.

Somehow due to a time paradox, Adolf Hitler has come back from the dead and has gathered all the super villains and kidnapped all the members of Super Science Friends except the young Einstein. now it’s up to him to rescue them. you can check out the trailer for the game below.

In the game, the players will rescue their fellow science friends like Marie Curie, Tesla, Darwin, Freud, and Tapputi. characters once rescued becomes available as a playable character. each character comes with unique abilities like Tesla can use electricity, Curie can use radiation and Darwin can become animals.

Adolf Hitler has also gathered the bad guys from the history like Edison and Ford, Pope and Pickles, Mata and Hari and Jung.

The game offers twelve levels each taking place in a different timeline and period Mars Colony, Prehistoric age, New York city in 1893, Future time in year 2,099 Z3 and more. each level comes with different villains.

Apart from the single-player campaign it also has a 2 player multiplayer Co-op for you and your buddy.

The game is up on Kickstarter campaign for funding the development of the game. currently, it has managed to raise US$ 8926 towards the goal of US$ 38,863 and there are still 19 days to go before the campaign ends to it might complete it.

If you are interested in the game and want to try it then you can visit the link given below to download the demo version.

Download The Game Prototype Here

Super Science Friends: The Video Game does not has a release date but it will be coming on Windows and Mac. for more information you can visit the official website or the Kickstarter page.

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