Guide On How To Tame Roll Rat And Shinehorn in Ark Aberration

Roll Rat

Developer and Publisher Studio Wildcard new DLC Ark Aberration has introduced new creatures, gears, crafting and much more. just like original Ark, there are many new things to learn in Aberration but in this article, you will find the guide on how to tame Roll Rat and Shinehorn.

How To Tame A Roll Rat

The Roll Rats are some of the creatures in the new expansion which are very common to find around. the creature is giant in size and one unique thing about is it burrows into the ground and when it comes up it drops a different kind of gems and if you take the gem be ready to run away cause it is gonna chase you down.

To tame a Roll Rat you have to get honey so you have to find a beehive and how to do that? well, that’s the difficult part the beehive spawn randomly so it can be anywhere and you will have to find it by searching it around

once you get hold of some honey approach a Roll Rat and wait for it to burrow. once it burrows throw the honey in the hole and there you have it your own Roll Rat.

Now if you want to ride the Rat you will have to make a saddle for it which will cost 400 metal yup a pretty hefty price but its totally worth it. the saddle holds up to three different people but the best part is it has an attack which lets it roll like a death ball it can destroy anything in its path rock, metal and more. apart from that, it can also harvest wood, mushroom, and berries.

How To Tame A Shinehorn

Shinehorn is a light producing creature in Ark Aberration and is pretty easy to find. taming it also pretty easy all you need is to have a Plant Species Z Seed in your 10th slot. then approach a Shinehorn and press the interactive tame button and now you have your own Shinehorn.

Just like a Bulbdog Shinehorn too can be placed on the shoulder and illuminate dark areas. it can also detect high-level creatures and enemy players.

You can watch the video guide from YouTuber Mitt Gaming the guide is short and quick and details everything necessary to tame the creatures.

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