Civilization VI Criticized By Korean Gamers For Using Queen Seondeok

Civilization VI

Developer Firaxis Games and Publisher 2K games on 4 December 2017 released a new trailer for their DLC Civilization VI The Rise And Fall Expansion where it gave the first look on the Korean faction introducing its new leader Queen Seondeok.

Well the decision of Firaxis to choose a failed leader like Queen Seondeok did not go well with Korean Gamers and it received some heavy criticism from them.

According to them just to please the feminist and virtue signal to the western audience they selected a leader who has almost zero achievements during her rule and to make it even worse Queen does not even look like a Korean. you can check out the trailer of Korean faction below.

New posts have appeared on Steam Forum from Korean Gamers who questioned why would the devs select the worst leader in Korean History and if they wanted to use a female leader why not use Empress Myung-Sung.

The video received so many criticisms and was receiving massive dislike so the devs decided to unlist the video and now you cannot find it on youtube by searching it. you can only watch it if you have the actual link to the video.

Civilization VI

And the comments were just rough to read

Civilization VI Civilization VI Civilization VI

Following the criticism against the choice and depictions of the Korean leader, the devs did change the look the queen but they haven’t replaced the leader which has made some Korean quite upset about it.

Civilization VI Civilization VI

Civilization VI The Rise And Fall Expansion will be arriving on 8 February 2018 for PC. for more information you can visit the official website.

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