Guide On How To Tame Bulbdog And Ravager In Ark Aberration


Developer and Publisher Studio Wildcard has released the new expansion of their game Ark: Survival Evolved and the new expansion is known as Ark Aberration. the new DLC pack contains new content like new species, gears, crafting materials and more. there are tons of new things to learn in Aberration but in this guide, we would talk about how to tame some new animals like Bulbdogs and Ravagers in the new expansion

How To Tame A Bulbdog

Bulbdogs are very common creatures in Ark and can be found anywhere on the map and the best part about them is that they are not aggressive and are very easy to tame. all you need is to find and collect Aquatic Mushroom which is also available throughout the map. Once you collect them you can place them in one of your slots. then approach a Bulbdog and press the interactive button to tame them.

The Bulbdog primary function is to act like torch you can rest him on your shoulder making your hands free to do other tasks. apart from acting like a torch, it can also detect max leveled creatures and enemy players.

How To Tame A Ravager

Ravagers can be mostly found in the Ark Aberration anywhere easily but taming it can be bit tricky. the creature mostly moves as a Pack so you will always find 3 to 4 Ravager together. the pack has one glowing Ravager which indicates higher level and that’s the pack you would ideally wanna tame.

Now to begin taming kill the other lower level ravager so you can deal with the higher level easily. once you get the glowing ravager down feed him to keep it unconscious. you can feed him either mutton, sheep meat or prime meat.

Now if you want to ride the Ravager then you would need a saddle which becomes available once you hit Level 47 and to craft a saddle you can smith it by using fiber, jungle wood and hide.

The Ravager has an amazing stamina capacity and if you tame a pack of them you can use them fight alongside you will 2 basic attacks and the best part about this carnivorous creature is that it can walk on the zip lines creating a cool mobility tool.

You can check out the video guide below from Mitt Gaming to know about the taming the videos are short and without any BS.

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