Bayonetta 1 And 2 To Run At 720P And 60FPS On The Nintendo Switch


During The Games Award, 2017 Developer Platinum Games and Publisher Nintendo announced that the team is currently working on porting Bayonetta 1 and 2 on the Nintendo Switch and along with it they have also revealed a teaser trailer of Bayonetta 3 which will be coming exclusively on the Switch.

Now being one of the best titles from Platinum Games many are wondering can the Hybrid Console handle the quick hack and slash playstyle with good graphics and an optimal performance.

Well, Polish Website Filmweb was able to talk with the ConQuest Entertainment, Nintendo’s Polish distributor who confirmed that both Bayonetta 1 and 2 will be able to run at 720P and 60 frames per second(Fps). there will be no difference in resolution in Docked or portable mode which is kind of a bummer but still ok I guess.

There was no mention of Bayonetta 3 resolution or fps so it would be safe to assume that the third iteration of the game too would be running at 720P and 60Fps.

Additionally, it is being reported that Platinum Games are working on the port without any involvement of external developers. also, the development team for the third installment is the same but it is still not known if Hideki Kamiya and Yosuke Hashimoto are involved in the development or not.

Bayonetta 1 and 2 is scheduled to release 16th February 2017 for Nintendo Switch but there is still no exact release date for Bayonetta 3. for more information about the game you can visit the official Platinum website.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t watched the trailer for the upcoming third game then you can watch it below.

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