Google Play New “Change The Game” Initiative To Focus On Women In Gaming


Google has announced the launch of their new initiative named Change The Game to help bring more female in the gaming industry. the new campaign aims to celebrate and promote women in gaming who according to Google’s survey have a very low representation.

Recently GamesIndustry.Biz talked with Google Play product marketing manager Mathilde Cohen Solal where she said that their company did a survey and found out that women in mobile gaming have increased significantly.

But as the research did have a necessary in-depth data they teamed up with NewZoo a leading market intelligence which specializes in covering Esports and Games and surveyed a group of gamers in the US aged 10 to 65.

The survey revealed that women mobile gamers played almost five or more time a week when compared to male demographics. but despite being the group which played more games female gamers only played one or two genres while male gamers played three or more genres.

Further, the study also reveals that only 27% of women were likely to talk about mobile games with their friends while 44% of men felt inclined to talk about mobile games with their friends. also, only 29% of women identified themselves as gamers whereas 57% of men identified themselves as gamers.

But the most interesting part of the survey is it revealed that 25% of men said that they would spend more time playing mobile games if they knew they were playing with or against players of their own gender and 47% of male players who spend more than 10 hours a week gaming said they preferred playing with other men.

The Google survey matches the data collected by DeltaDNAs which revealed men and women prefer complete different genres while the majority of women like more social, puzzle and hidden objects games men, on the other hand, preferred action and sports games.



The Change The Game initiative aims to promote more games with female characters, increase diversity and make the gaming environment more welcoming to female demographics. it has also launched a website to help the campaign.

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