Campo Santo Disabled Comments Of In The Valley Of Gods After Backlash

In The Valley Of Gods

At The Games Awards 2017, Developer and Publisher Campo Santo revealed the trailer for their upcoming game In The Valley Of Gods. according to the devs, it is an action adventure game where players play as an explorer in the valley of the Egyptian desert.

But the game has received a large amount of criticism and backlash from some gamers. But Why?

Well recently Pewdiepie as most of you would know him as the biggest YouTuber gamer with over 58 Million subscribers was streaming PUBG and during the heat of the moment he said the N-Word and it became a huge issue.

During the outcry, Sean Vanaman co-founder of Campo Santo said that Pewdiepie is a closeted racist and a despicable garbage. furthermore, he decided to file a DMCA lawsuit against him claiming copyright infringement attempting to destroy his YouTube channel.

Pewdiepie’s Firewatch gameplay video which was taken down and he can no longer play any game which is produced by Campo Santo. Due to this, the devs received massive criticism for abusing DMCA law just because they did not like his language. Firewatch on steam was bombarded with negative reviews and many said they would never touch any of their game again.

Now the new trailer of In The Valley Of Gods has been received massive negative comments and so the devs from the studio have disabled the comment sections of YouTube for the video.

If you haven’t watched the trailer for the game yet then you can watch it below.

Although Campo Santo may have disabled the comment section many other channels uploaded the trailer and in the comment section, many people bashed the video because of their wrongful DMCA claim.

In The Valley Of Gods In The Valley Of Gods













Some just feel that it will be another walking simulator

In The Valley Of Gods In The Valley Of Gods






Abusing a DCMA power against one of the biggest Youtuber might not have been the smartest move by Campo Santo but as the game is going to be released in 2019 the devs can only hope that most of the gamers forget about this incident but one golden rule of the Internet is that it never forgets.

In The Valley Of Gods is scheduled to 2019 for PC. for more information about the game you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

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