Fortnite Cheater Promises To Never Cheat In The Game After Lawsuit


Developer and Publisher Epic Game has previously mentioned that their highest priority in their game Fortnite is to fight against cheaters and cheat providers and they did what they promised to its player base.

They filled two lawsuits against two individuals who used cheats in their game in the court of North Carolina for copyright infringement and a penalty of $150,000. the lawsuit also claimed their involvement in developing the cheat and distributing it among others gamers.

As the lawsuit proceeded against the cheater it came to light that one of those cheaters is only 14 years old and her mother wrote a scathing letter claiming that instead of going against cheat providers Epic game is using her son as a scapegoat and also the have released the name of a minor which is illegal.

When Epic games started receiving negative feedback from the community for revealing the name of a minor. it took steps through their counsel and On 30 November 2017 released a new statement(via torrent freak) that they did not break any law as they did not know about the defendant is a minor.

“We did not violate Rule 5.2(a) or Local Civil Rule 17.2 because we did not know when we filed the papers that Defendant is a minor,”…”we plan to include only Defendant’s initials or redact his name entirely in all future filings with the Court.”

During this fiasco, Epic Games managed to make the first settlement with Charles Vraspir, one of the cheaters who got sued by the studio. but the surprising part is that there was no financial penalty to him and neither he received any legal punishment.

In the settlement, Vraspir was allowed to play Fortnite and other Epic Games but he must delete all the cheating software he used for Fortnite and abide by the law that he will never cheat again in the game and if he does that he will be slapped with a penalty of $5000.

This possibly the best lawsuit against cheaters Epic Games mean no harm and just want to discourage more cheaters from cheating. but if you cheat on their game possible you might be the next one to receive a lawsuit.

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