How To Farm Radiolarian Culture And Paradox Amplifiers In Destiny 2


Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris DLC has arrived and with comes new opportunity to get exotic weapons, armor and other items.

The new DLC has brought new unlockable content known as Lost Prophecy verse which can be obtained by collecting required Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and Paradox Amplifiers. but getting both the components require quite a bit of grinding.

How much grinding? every 10 Radiolarian Culture gives one Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and everyone 10 Paradox Amplifiers gives one advanced Paradox Amplifiers. these can be used to unlock new Lost Prophecy and then forge new weapons.

Collecting them can be tedious but worry not as below is the guide which can help you farm both Radiolarian and Paradox a bit faster.

Guide To Farm Radiolarian Cultures

When you achieve your first Lost Prophecy verse the description of it says you need 1 Concentrated Radiolarian by collecting 10 Standing Radiolarian and it can be collected by playing public events and opening chests this the basic way to get it

However according to Arekkz Gaming opening chest during public events increase the chance of getting them. so you can play public events and during it also search for Radiolarian in chests and if you are lucky you may get both during the public event and after finishing it.

Another way to maximize rewards is by going to Titan as it a smaller and open space it has less public events but many chests spawn in the small area. so you can go to Titan and play the public event and during it also open up as many chests you can.

You can use ghost shell that helps with finding treasures or use the Nightstalker ‘Keen Scout’ tracker perk to find chests easily.

Guide To Farm Paradox Amplifiers

Paradox Amplifiers too require grinding but the good news is that they can be acquired more easily. playing strikes, crucible, heroic adventures can give you Paradox.

Playing crucible should be your choice as it generally takes about 10 minutes to complete them and you don’t even need to win them all you have to do is just complete them.

Below is the full guide from YouTuber Arekkz Gaming on how to farms them.

You can also check out a shorter guide from YouTuber DPJ

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