League Of Legends Players Confused Over If Varus Is Gay Or Not


Developer and Publisher Riot has always made great cinematics for their game League Of Legends which is part of the reason why the fanbase of the game love it so much. previously they have released cinematic story trailer for Jynx, Amumu and more.

The latest addition to the cinematic trailer comes with the story of Varus a Darkin and the new storyline for the champions reveals that Varus is made up from the flesh of two Gay lovers. now this raised the question among LoL players who questioned does the new storyline makes Varus a Gay.

Well on many new posts have appeared on LoL message boards some claims he is Gay as he contains the soul and mind of the two gay lovers and some argue that he is not Gay as he is only made up from the flesh of the lovers. well if you are still confused or are just curious let’s begin by watching the new lore video from Riot.

As you see in the video the Varus get himself freed from his prison by taking over the body of the two lovers but it never reveals that if Varus himself becomes a Gay. to know more about it lets take a look at newly updated lore.

According to the new lore and comics on his Universe page.  Act 1 shows that the two lovers are named Kai and Valmar two beast hunters who live in Ionia. one day the Noxian invaders attacked the place. both Kai and Valmar where the first to fight the invaders but during the fight, Kai get seriously injured grief-stricken Val brings him to the temple of Pallas to heal him and from there it continues into the Act 2 which is the As We Fall Video.

Coming to Act 3 shows a new character which is made up of Varus, Kai, and Valmar. Varus controls the body and is significantly stronger than both the lovers. but when the two lovers gain their sense they managed to keep him off the bay to seek vengeance against the mortals.

Now the new lore only shows that although Varus is made up of 2 gay lovers and a Darkin. Nowhere it indicates that Varus himself is Gay now. but now we now that Varus is 2/3 Gay and 1/3 Darkin so technically calling him gay would not be wrong.

Yeah, it’s confusing and there is no fixed answer for it unless Riot confirms his sexuality just like Blizzard did for Tracer in Overwatch.

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