Guide On How To Unlock Weapon Forge And Complete Prophecy In Destiny 2

weapon forge

Publisher Activision and Developer Bungie have released a new campaign titled Curse Of The Osiris for Destiny 2 and with it comes tons of new challenges, mission, bounties and of course the opportunity to unlock special weapons and items.

Now there are tons of activity in the new campaign but in this guide, we will particular talk about how to unlock weapon forge in the lighthouse and how to collect prophecy fast.

Step 1Complete the campaign first – many players get this part wrong and try to find a way to weapon forge without finishing the campaign but if you want to unlock the weapon forge option then you need to complete the storyline first. this unlocks the more options and populates your map with more activity like the ability to play adventure missions.

Step 2 – Complete three normal difficulty adventure you can get these adventure from Brothervance. each time you complete an adventure you will return to Brothervance so you can pick your next adventure from him. completing this would give you a free legendary Engram.

Step 3 – Now when you collect the legendary Engram from Brothervance you will be presented with three heroic adventure pick one of three adventure and complete it. one thing to note is these adventures are just heroic versions of adventures you have already completed so it will come with slight changes but nothing notable.

Step 4 – when you first your first heroic adventure return to Brothervance and this time you will be able to collect Lost Prophecy verse and with this begins the forging of weapon. the prophecy now will be in your inventory and you can check what item you need to unlock it and in a majority of cases, it needs Concentrated Radiolarian Culture.

How to collect Radiolarian Culture

Step 5 – to collect one concentrated radiolarian culture you will need at least 10 standard radiolarian culture. to collect the standard one you need to complete public events. note you won’t get radiolarian on every public event so you need to grind it.

Step 6 – once you collect 10 standard radiolarian return to Brothervance and convert them into a concentrated radiolarian culture. this will go into the Lost Prophecy verse in your inventory and complete it. once you have done this you can forge the weapon located in the lighthouse.

Once you have completed your first weapon forging you can return to Brothervance he will present you with three additional verse. now, these new verses will have a higher requirement than the first one so be ready to grind more if you want them.

You can check out the video guide from YouTuber Arekkz Gaming who made a video on how to complete it.

You can also check out the guide from YouTuber GuidingLight who shows how to collect radiolarian without grinding public events.

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