How To Get And Use The New Hunter Exotic Gemini Jester In Destiny 2

Gemini Jester

The latest Curse Of Osiris DLC in Destiny 2 has brought some pretty good campaign, weapons, armor and the best of all new exotics to get your hands on.

One of coolest exotic in the Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is the Gemini Jester. it is a hunter exotic which can be equipped with the leg slot. the default skin comes in purple color with a rabbit logo on it but what does it do and how to get it?

How to get it the Gemini Jester?

Fortunately this exotic does not have a heavy requirement, you won’t need to complete any specific adventure or collect items. you can get the Gemini Jester by playing public events and collecting exotic engram. take those engrams to a Cryptarch and decrypt them and you may get the exotic legs. remember the drop is random so you will need to keep collecting exotic engram until you get it.

What does the Gemini Jester do?

The exotic items come with a default and main perk called misdirection. whenever you dodge it releases a shockwave which disorients nearby enemies and removes their radar temporarily. while disoriented you can either escape from the situation or just run them down with your weapons.

The best part about misdirection is it is effective against both Majors, ultras and yellow bar enemies. now it not one of the best exotic so far but it is pretty interesting and if used properly it can disrupt the enemies completely.

What is the best way to use the Gemini Jester?

In PVP or PVE if you encounter someone in a 1 v 1 situation then it can be very useful but when you go against a group you will need to be careful as the shock wave radius is not very big and even if you manage to apply the debuff on multiple enemies chances are that when misdirection debuff fades away you will be under rain of heavy bullets.

But when you use it along with invisibility of nightstalker and a shotgun or any other weapons with high damage output it deals some serious damage. you can experiment with other items to know what suits you

You can check out the video from Arekkz Gaming to get more details

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