Streamer Broadcast Entire UFC Paid Event While Pretending To Play UFC Video Game


Update: AJ Lester after hitting headlines in mainstream media for streaming UFC 218 on multiple platforms was issued a 24-hour ban.

He did a periscope broadcast where he reveals that he has gained 3000 followers on Twitch, 3000 followers on Twitter and over 1000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. he also gave his view on his new fame and the temporary ban.

Although he has received a ban he says that he would stream do it again on 30 December.

Original Story: A twitch streamer named AJ Lester, from the US managed to broadcast the entire UFC 218 a pay to view event on multiple streaming platforms including Twitch without getting taken down for copyright infringement or illegal streaming.

But How did he managed to do it? Well, he took a controller wore a headphone with his face cam located at the bottom right of the screen and streamed the entire event pretending like he is actually playing a UFC match.

The match was being played between UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway and Brazilian great Jose Aldo. he was constantly making noise and moving his controller. you can check out the clip below which has got massive retweet and likes.

The number of follower for Lester on all of his social media platform. after this, he did a follow-up stream where he played Fortnite. during the stream, many people questioned him about his new fame to which he answered that the follower increased so rapidly that he had to turn off his email notifications for all platforms.

Lester was also asked if he was concerned about the legality and the consequence of his stream to which he simply said he is isn’t worried much as he has not heard from any legal team yet but he made sure to delete the VODs of the stream.

No matter what he sure is being loved by the people because of his crazy idea and probably UFC officials may be laughing by watching the creativity of the guy.

One thing is for sure EA would receive little positivity for its game because the real UFC is now being compared to UFC the video game. this could be the best news for them as just a few weeks ago EA has been bombarded by gamers, mainstream media, and government officials.


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