PCGamesN Apologizes For Framing Richard Lewis As A Toxic Esport Personality


On 30 November 2017 PCGamesN published an article titled “The esports industry has a problem with who it is choosing to represent it.” written by Hannah Dwan. the article tries to showcase the problem with Esports and claims that the personalities and talent who represent Esport to the world are misogynist, racist, homophobic, and/or transphobic views and are even violent.

In the article, Dwan gives examples of known figures like Richard Lewis and Duncan “Thorin” Shields both of whom are celebrated Esport casters, journalists, and analysts. she claims both of the casters harbor racist, sexist and violent views.

The article received massive backlash from the community with negative feedback on their twitter page.

But even during the backlash instead of thinking about what is wrong with the article PCGamesN deputy editor Julian Benson said that he is proud of the article.

Well, Richard Lewis was not happy about the article and took legal steps against PCGamesN and they had to release an official apology to Richard Lewis.  you can check out their official statement below

On Friday we published an article regarding representation in esports. The article made mention of esports journalist Richard Lewis, citing actions in his past.

We have come to accept that there was ambiguity in the language we used, and that the incidents we cited with regards to Mr. Lewis are not sufficient to constitute a ‘violent past’. There was also never any intention to label Mr. Lewis racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or transphobic.

We apologise for the ambiguity and any difficulty that this has caused

One thing to note is that they never apologized to Thorin and CS:GO community on Reddit is certainly not happy with the PCGamesN approach. many claimed that they only apologized because they felt the pressure of defamation lawsuit.

The beef between Lewis and PCGamesN may have ended for now. but Lewis in his tweet has clearly mentioned that if anyone tries to smear him with lies he will deal with them in a similar manner.

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