Out Of The Blue Reveals Its All Female League Of Legends Pro Team

Out Of The Blue

Airbus a European corporation which designs, manufactures, and sells civil and military aeronautical products all over the world previously they announced that they have entered the world of gaming and will sponsor a female League Of Legends team named Out Of The Blue.

Now the new Team has revealed their full roster and fans of the game are pretty skeptical of the team line up and abilities not because the team has a full female member but because it reminded the community of the infamous Team Siren.

Previously Out Of The Blue only announced the Team Captain and Top Laner Sophie “Ayunie” Phan. but now they have announced their full roster through their official Team Twitter page.

Details of the players from left to right in the team picture above

  • Name: Etienne “Steve“ Michels
  • Nationality: France
  • Elo: Challenger 1
AD Carry
  • Name: Laure “Shiny”
  • Nationality: France
  • ELO: Unknown
  • LoLKing profile: Unknown

Now as an all-female team in League Of Legends it was bound to draw attention from the community and you can check out some of those reactions of League Of Legends fans below

Now the reactions may seem to be a bit harsh but competitive scene is no playground and they are been criticized not because of their sex but because of their Elo which is quite low and reminds of Team Siren which was the first all-female LOL team and was sponsored by big companies and also got a team house but failed to deliver any result. you can check out their history of Team siren below from YouTuber Kudo.

Now judging them on the past of previous female team is certainly not right but if they succeed in the pro scene maybe it would set a new example that even low Elo players can compete on a high level. so the only thing we can do is wish them good luck in their future endeavors.

For more information about Team Out Of The Blue, you can check out their official website.

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