HyperParasite, A Body Stealing Top Down Shooter, Demo Available For Download


Developer Troglobytes Games an Italian indie group is currently working on their new upcoming game titled HyperParasite. it is an action top-down shooter where players play as a parasite capable of snatching human bodies and taking full control over them.

The story of the game is set in an alternative 80s the World War 3 is nearly over on earth and now the left survivor of the war are trying to rebuild the society but it seems like they just can’t catch a break once. as another threat has appeared before them and this time it is an invisible parasitic organism.

The parasite has an ability to take control over unsuspecting human beings and it not just consuming them but also spreading all around with a vengeance to kill other humans and wreak unfathomable havoc.

As mentioned before it is a top-down shooter and gives you the view of the whole level you are playing in. you will be able to snatch the body of any weapon wielding human in an instance.

After taking control of a human your objective will be to enter an area and kill off waves of humans who want to exterminate you at all cost. just like any shooter game, you will be able to shoot reload and repeat. apart from guns you can wield bats and shoot gasoline barrel in the area to kill off a group of enemies.

There is a nice mechanics in the game once you shoot down a human he will die but slowly. but so will you if you get shot you will bleed and the body will become weak. here you can use your body snatching ability to get a new healthy body and continue your bullet hell.

All the levels in the game are procedurally generated so you can play the game again and again and each time face different waves of enemies and bosses. while progressing through the game you can also upgrade skills of specific types of host

If you are interested in the game and want to try it then you can download the demo version of the game from the link below.

Download Demo version here

HyperParasite has no fixed release date so to get more information about it you will have to follow the official page of the game.


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