Nutaku Invest $13 Million In Latin America For Adult Games Development


Nutaku a Canadian Adult Game or better known as Hentai Game Website is one of the biggest porn game portals in the world and it has been making moves to expand its reach in the booming and rapidly growing NSFW game industry.

It is being reported that the global adult game website has invested $13 Million in Latin America and in Montreal, Canada to better utilize the untapped and unorganized market and this would also help the development of new adult games.

The investment is of $13 Million is divided into two parts $10 Million is dedicated to financing game development in Latin America and $3 Million is being invested into game developers and studios which are situated in Montreal, Canada. one spokesperson from Nutaku said the following…

“In a time where less than 1% of apps and 5% of games are financially successful, Nutaku is dedicated to funding games that did not get a chance to succeed through the traditional gaming marketplace, with a goal of democratizing the industry,”

“The new investment portfolio aims to expand the adult gaming industry by working with open-minded developers to produce ‘not safe for work’ versions of their games.”

Adult themed games have always faced many major problems which discourage both game devs and studios like there are very few distribution channels which help studios market their games and sell them.

Steam one of the biggest game distributor for PC has very strict rules against nudity and sexual content in games. previously games like House Party was removed from steam because of sexual content and only returned when the devs censored it.

Hyper Universe, Conan Exiles were also censored for the western regions and Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni was straight removed from Australian and German steam.

With support from Nutaku, we may see more production of adult games and devs may achieve more benefits from it as Nutaku states that with more than more than 50 million monthly visits which is growing rapidly over 90% of games earn back their initial investment within 3 months on their platform. further Nutaku president, Mark Antoon aim to be the catalyst for promoting adult games in the west

“The expansion of our investment portfolio into Latin America is an incredibly exciting time for Nutaku as we have the opportunity to empower an entirely underutilized pool of talent,”

“Traditionally, studios and developers within this region face incredible obstacles while trying to bring their gaming titles to market. Nutaku aims to be a catalyst for adult game development as we continue to rapidly grow our presence as the leading adult gaming portal in the western hemisphere. Part of that responsibility is ensuring equal and fair access to the market while bringing new talent, perspectives and diversity that can only benefit our users’ experience.”

With booming adult game industry it’s no surprise that Nutaku want to be the leading company in the west. just recently they launched Kimochi classified a place where studio can recruit new artist, developer and writers furthermore anyone who wants to work in this industry can advertise his/her skills to get jobs

They have also released Kimochi Red Light a platform where devs can crowdfund their project.

For more information about the company, you can visit the (NSFW)official website or the Kimochi Red Light Portal.

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