Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s Female Characters Boobs Angered Gamers

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Developer Monolith Soft and Publisher Nintendo have released their latest game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and some gamers are triggered and angered over the characters in the game. the single player Japanese Role Playing game has some sexy female characters which for some gamers is just too suggestive.

For people who are not aware, the angry gamers are upset mostly because of Pyra, she is a female character who is known as aegis in the game. she can transform herself into a special sword which grants her user powerful fire elemental ability.

In Xenoblade Chronicles, 2 Pyra teams up with Rex to search for long lost home. both the characters are dependent on each other if Rex dies she dies too. but some people are outraged because according to them she shows too much skin and has big boobs. below is the image of Pyra.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Many such upset gamers went to Twitter to show there disapproval and disgust you can check out some of them below.

There are tons of more tweets about the topic which you can search on twitter who don’t like the character design. but fortunately, there are some gamers who are defending Monolith’s new game

Now although the people complaining are not the complete representation of game’s fan base but it does raise the question that will it be censored too just because some people complained about the design of the game.

Previously Hyper Universe from Developer Cwavesoft was censored by devs when people complained about it, Granblue Fantasy too was censored and many more games were censored when it was localized for western regions.

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